U.K is currently taking in over ‘100 illegal migrants’ a week from France

According to Christian Salomé, Chairman of L’Auberge des Migrants, a Calais-based charity.


Around 100 migrants a week enter Britain through Calais and Dunkirk, despite the Jungle migrant camp having been torn down long ago.

There are around 800 migrants still gathered in Calais, and a recent survey showed 92.5% of them want to get to England – it looks like many of them are succeeding.

Many stow away in lorries, others pay people smugglers around £3,000 to help them cross.

The Home Office claims to have stopped 56,000 attempts by illegal immigrants to break into Britain last year, but this just highlights the extent of the problem and why more investment needs to be pumped into Britain’s border force.

This is more evidence to support Donald Trump’s claim that Radical Islam is hurting the U.K. As we have touched on over the past few weeks the U.K is struggling to combat the flow of unvetted migration. They saw a 13% rise in crime U.K Crime Rate skyrockets 13%, Child Rape squads up 64% and are now more dangerous that New York City Report: London is now more dangerous than New York City, has almost three times the number of reported rapes.

Crime isn’t the only thing being affected by mass illgeal/legal migraion. Schools, Hospitals and the U.K Housing Market are also greatly impacted U.K: Housing Market, Hospitals, Schools can’t cope with Mass Migration.

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