Late last night Twitter decided to try out a new feature, live Fact-Checking the President Of The United States.

Twitter Now “Fact-Checking” Trump’s Tweets


Well, an article from Hot Air pointed out that the fact check itself was false:

Hot Air:

Click the fact-check link in those tweets and you’re sent to this page, which claims among other things that “fact-checkers say there is no evidence that mail-in ballots are linked to voter fraud.” That’s … not quite true, per this NPR story from early April: “Election experts say Trump is partially correct, that there is slightly more fraud in mail-voting than in-person voting.” The key word is “slightly,” a small risk relative to the considerable risk that voting in-person this fall will intensify a second wave of COVID-19. The same experts told NPR that “election fraud is extremely rare in all instances” and that mail-in voting can be done safely and securely, a point even Mitt Romney has made recently. Americans like the idea of voting by mail, favoring it by a nearly two-to-one margin in Fox’s latest poll, and more states are in the process of facilitating it.

But “no evidence that mail-in ballots are linked to voter fraud”? Not quite true, and that’s the headache Twitter has created for itself by launching this fact-check feature. Righties will demand, and rightly so, that the fact-checking function be applied to Democrats as well as Republicans even though the feature was obviously developed because one particular pol can’t stop smearing his enemies. And Trumpers are going to fact-check the fact-checking done by Twitter in even more granular detail than I just did with their voter-fraud claim to try to vindicate him whenever Twitter calls him out. Frankly, ranting about Twitter fact-checks is apt to become Trump’s new hobby on the platform.

I’m not sure why Hot Air decided to push Pro-Mail In voting propaganda in their article but at least they pointed out the falsehood from Twitter. This is really the problem with these fact-checking programs. The problem is not that we want falsehoods on Twitter, The problem is that we have no one we can trust that would be a good fact-checker. The bottom line is that fact-checkers have proven to be just left-wing hack websites that don’t print the truth.

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