Trump: “We have built 5 (Wall) prototypes, they are going up, some are already finished”

In an interview with Sean Hannity yesterday Donald Trump gave us an update on the border wall.

Partial Transcript from Breitbart:

“We’ve built five prototypes,” Trump said. “They are going up. Some are already finished. I will say, they are really looking good. They are really looking good, and our country needs it. We need it not only for people but for the drugs that are pouring into our country. We have drugs that are pouring into our country, so we don’t have a choice. You can say what you want. I was with Bibi Netanyahu of Israel. And he was saying, ‘Donald, the wall works.’ They had an open border that was like a sieve. People just poured in. He said 99.9 percent of the people know, stopped. Nobody gets in.”


“[The wall] has to be built,” he added. “A properly built constructed designed wall — high, not a little fence like they’d have. They had walls that were so low. Trucks would drive over them. It was easier to drive over it than to take it down. Can you believe it?”

The Mainstream media and some Conservative pundits continue to spread the false notion that Trump has caved/ made no progress on the funding of the border wall he promised during the campaign. As he explains here they have already begun construction on 5 different prototypes and will determine which one will be the most effective. Trump has also made sure to make the border wall the red line in all immigration deals that Congress has proposed.

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