Trump Rallying Against RINO Governor Kemp

RINO Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) did nothing to stop the 2020 election steal – instead, he spent his time smearing 45th President Donald Trump.

Due to this, Trump endorsed his primary challenger Sen. David Perdue.

Trump is now holding a rally in Georgia to take on Kemp. He will also show his support for Pro-MAGA candidate Herschel Walker.

From The Hill:

Former President Trump is set to hold a rally in Georgia later this month for former Sen. David Perdue (R) and Herschel Walker (R), his endorsed candidates in the Peach State’s marquee gubernatorial and Senate races.

Trump’s rally, set to take place in Commerce, Ga., on March 26, marks an effort to protect his investment in the two contenders, who are looking to unseat incumbents in two of the most closely watched races in the country.

A statement from Trump’s leadership PAC announcing the rally said the event would also look to boost “other endorsed candidates.”

Perdue, who lost his Senate seat in a runoff in Jan. 2021, is running against Gov. Brian Kemp (R) in the GOP primary. Kemp, a staunch conservative, is in Trump’s crosshairs over his refusal to overturn the former president’s 2020 election loss in Georgia. In that vein, Perdue’s campaign against Kemp has focused largely on his perceived electability and handling of the 2020 race rather than traditional conservative policy issues.

“I’m proud to have President Donald Trump’s endorsement and look forward to welcoming him back to Georgia to rally support for our campaign,” Perdue said in a statement. “Georgians are ready for a bold conservative who will fight the political establishment, instead of caving to radical liberals like Brian Kemp has done every step of the way.”

The rally will take place on March 26th.

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