RINOs Continue Their Push For War

RINOs continue to be one of America’s biggest threats.

It really doesn’t matter what the issue is – they push for things that enrich the elite and hurt the American people.

They are now pushing for the United States to get even more involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. This is despite the fact it could cause America to stumble into World War 3.

From The Gateway Pundit:

2 Republican Senators wrote a signed letter to Joe Biden this week. 42 GOP Senators called on Joe Biden to send MiGs to Ukraine to bomb the hell out of Russians.

They have a lust for war

Republicans are urging Biden to start World War III.  They must know this, right?

It should be made clear that advocating against the RINOs in Neo-Cons does not make you a puppet of Putin. World War 3 would bring even more death and destruction to the world. Don’t let these RINOs and Neo-Cons fool you – they are partially responsible for the fact Putin took the disgusting step of invading Ukraine.

They spent the prior four years smearing and attacking Trump. Due to this, Joe Biden is now President. It is the weakness of Biden that allowed a thug like Putin to think he could get away with invading Ukraine.

Steve Bannon pointed out how the RINOs are pushing towards war:

Click to watch the full video

Why this matters:

-Neo-Cons are attempting to retake control of the GOP

-Even though Biden claims he does not want troops involved there is clearly an orchestrated effort behind the scenes, by members of both parties, to escalate the situation in Russia-Ukraine which could lead to US being drawn into a hot war with Russia

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