Trump: ‘Bump Stocks will soon be out’

    Trump took to Twitter earlier today to recommit himself to the banning of Bump Stocks.

    Although a bump stock was used in the Las Vegas shooting I could find no other mass shooting where it was used. In fact bump stocks actually make guns less accurate. Here is an explanation of that from Reason

    Assuming that Paddock used the bump stocks police found, did they make the number of deaths higher than it otherwise would have been? Not necessarily, since bump stocks sacrifice accuracy for speed; the jostling required by the technique makes the rifle harder to aim, especially at long distances. According to the Wikipedia entry on bump stocks, they “greatly degrade the accuracy of the firearm, due to the necessary jerking of the weapon, which makes viable aiming impossible,” and “the inaccuracy renders the practice uncommon.”

    Gun Owners of America laid out how this ban could also lead to more gun legislation.


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