Trump stands firm: Mexico is paying for The Wall

Donald Trump said he is still standing firm behind his campaign promise to make Mexico pay for his Wall along the southern border of The United States.


At a campaign rally in western Pennsylvania for a Republican congressional candidate, Trump gave some details of a testy phone call he had last month with Pena Nieto that led to the postponement of plans for the Mexican leader’s first visit to the White House.

Trump brought up the issue when the crowd started chanting, “build that wall.”

Trump called Pena Nieto a “really nice guy” who made his request respectfully.

“He said, ‘Mr President, I would like you to make a statement that Mexico will not pay for the wall,’” Trump said.

“I said, ‘Are you crazy? I am not making that statement,’” Trump said he replied.

When Pena Nieto said yes, Trump said he told him, “Bye, bye. There is no way I’m making that deal.”

Although Trump has pushed for funding for the border wall through congress he is quitley trying differant ways for Mexico to pay for it. The renogiation of NAFTA is certinaly at the top of that list. If Trump can get a better deal and cut the trade deficit by $25 Billion Dollars then Mexico will have paid for the wall.

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