Trump Adviser Claims Trump Isn’t Considering Removing Pence From 2024 Ticket

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According to Jason Miller, a senior Trump Adviser, Trump is not talking about removing Pence from his 2024 ticket.

From Mediaite:

“I wonder who was pushing this story? Could it maybe be the supporters of Governor Noem?” Miller said facetiously — before stressing that he did not want to “take anything away” from Noem.

Miller noted that the former president has “kept his cards pretty close to the vest” vis-a-vis 2024, but insisted that Pence is not currently in danger of getting the hook, and that the former vice president is on good terms with Trump.

“I can tell you, as someone who probably speaks with him on the political side as much, if not more than anybody else, never once has there been a conversation internally or in a group about doing something different for the VP position for 2024 if he decides to go that route,” Miller said. He added, “President Trump and Vice President Pence have had a couple of really good conversations since President Trump left office.”

This was in response to a story that we reported on claiming Trump was weighing replacing Pence:

Trump Weighing 2024 Run Without Pence

Now, this report doesn’t tell us who the Vice President will be. Miller admits Trump is keeping his cards close to his chest regarding what his plans are for 2024.

What I will say is that this seems to put the idea that Trump is not going to put Pence on the ticket in 2024 because of January 6th to bed. If the decision was going to come down to January 6th then this decision would have already been made.

If Pence is replaced I think it will be because of politics. Trump’s Vice President pick will likely come down to who is going to get him the most votes. At this point, I’m not so sure that will be Mike Pence.

I know many of you may not like to hear that Pence is not definitely off the ticket but I’m not sure there is anyone with more knowledge of this than Jason Miller.

I want to be clear that this by no means Pence will be the VP in 2024. All this means is that he has not been ruled out.

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