Multiple States Are Beginning To Rollback COVID Restrictions

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Multiple states are getting rid of their COVID restrictions.

From Just The News:

Several state governors in rapid succession this week have announced major rollbacks of COVID-19 restrictions as daily positive test numbers remain significantly lower than they were at the start of the year.

Here are some of the states that have either begun the rollback or have already opened up:






This is one of the most important developments because the pressure is going to start building on other states to open up. Once Americans see that the lockdowns are not needed the lie being pushed by the “experts” will be officially debunked.

The Mainstream Press will still push authoritarian lockdowns but Americans will continue to tune them out.

The bottom line is that lockdowns don’t work. They have been proven to completely kill the economy in states where they are implemented.

Every state should follow in the footsteps of these states and the sooner the better.

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