Laura Ingraham “seriously toying” with primarying Mitt Romney in 2024

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Laura Ingraham announced that she might primary Mitt Romney in 2024. DEVELOPING: Laura Ingraham is seriously toying with the idea of primarying Romney in Utah in 2024 — Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) February 7, 2020 Newsweek: She went on to question his motives for entering politics, calling him “the ultimate selfish, preening, self-centered politician. “I hope […]


Nikki Haley RTs tweet claiming she’ll be the first women President

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Charlie Kirk put out a Tweet claiming that Nikki Haley would be the first women President of The United States. Stupid government rule made @NikkiHaley delete her Twitter account and lose all her followers she earned over 8+ years Everyone go follow her account and RT this! She will be our first female President She […]