Another Cuomo Accuser Has Come Forward

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has had his fifth accuser come forward.

From The Washington Post:

A former press aide of Andrew M. Cuomo says he summoned her to his dimly lit hotel room and embraced her after a work event in 2000, when Cuomo led the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and she was a consultant for the agency. The woman, Karen Hinton, says she pulled away from Cuomo, but he pulled her back toward his body, holding her before she backed away and left the room.

The Cuomo camp released this statement denying it.

In a statement, Peter Ajemian, Cuomo’s director of communications, vehemently denied Hinton’s account of her encounter with Cuomo in a hotel room.

“This did not happen,” he said. “Karen Hinton is a known antagonist of the Governor’s who is attempting to take advantage of this moment to score cheap points with made up allegations from 21 years ago. All women have the right to come forward and tell their story — however, it’s also the responsibility of the press to consider self-motivation. This is reckless.”

A few more things I will point out from the article.

According to Hinton, Cuomo told her to avoid his head of security because his head of security would block women from coming to his room.

If this is true then there is almost no question Cuomo has had some issues in the past.

Cuomo refused to resign after the first three accusers came out. This may change things.

She also claimed that she thought the advances were more about control than sex.

The final bombshell from this was the fact according to the report many former staffers were scared to go on the record because they feared Cuomo’s political power. They feared he could ruin their careers if they came forward.

This is simply going to come down to who can provide evidence. There is no question Cuomo could be right and Hinton is just trying to weaponize this to hurt him politically. This also could be the beginning of the end of Andrew Cuomo’s political career.

I have a feeling Andrew Cuomo will have even more allegations to fight off at some point.

The real question we have to have answered is why are these allegations coming out now?

We will continue to cover this as it unfolds.


This is his FIFTH, not FOURTH accuser:

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