Study: Cuomo’s Approval Tanks Once Voters Hear About Nursing Home Scandal

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This is the effect of the lying Mainstream Media.

A new study from the Media Research Center found that once Americans hear about Cuomo’s nursing home cover-up their view of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo changes.

His favorability rating hits 25%.

From Newsbusters: 

Our nationwide poll of 1,000 general election voters, conducted between February 24 and February 28, shows the consequences of the media’s failure to give the story significant coverage. Only two-thirds of voters (66.5%) said they had heard about the mishandling of nursing home patients and the Cuomo administration’s cover-up, while 25% said they had not heard about the story. (The remaining 8.5% did not know if they had heard about it or not.)

Of those who were already informed, a large majority (55.8%) had an unfavorable impression of how Cuomo handled the pandemic in his state, vs. 40.3% who had a favorable impression.

But those who did not previously know about this story had the opposite take, with 44.9% giving Cuomo favorable marks, vs. only 34.5% who gave him an unfavorable review.

After learning about the nursing home story, the previously uninformed group swung heavily in the other direction, with 65.1% giving Cuomo an unfavorable rating, vs. only 24.7% who thought he had done a good job.

Bombshell study and another example of the power of the Mainstream Media.

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