The extreme left is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing

    Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing Presidents of all-time. His lack of political correctness and love for American values has sent the progressive left into an enraged frenzy. Their goal is to destroy Trump and his supporters by any means necessary. Whether it’s physical violence, fake news or bullying they will stop at nothing to stop those who disagree with them. They claim to be an accepting and peaceful movement when in reality they are one of hate and acceptance of only their beliefs. This is the reason we see Donald Trump in a battle every day. He is calling the leaders of these movements out for the cronies they really are. These leaders love making people feel like they are victims. They do this so they can have more control over them. Not only will people vote them in because they think they will stand up for their rights but they will allow these people to control more and more of their daily lives.

    A perfect example of this is Barack Obama. Obama came on the scene telling people “I will stand up for you”. He won both elections off the promises he made and saying I will help minority groups. Instead, all we saw was our inner cities continue to crumble and the racial divide grow to a place that we hoped it never would.

    Does it ever strike you as weird that the Black Lives Matter movement has long been forgotten by the left? Does it strike you as weird that they have ceased in actually caring about these African Americans who were shot?

    The reasoning is that they don’t have much ground to stand on anymore. Trump met with African American Leaders and donated 25 Billion Dollars to Historical Black colleges(Obama only donated 4 Billion) Trumps attempt to rebuild the inner cities and his support from many prominent African Americans has made it harder for the extreme progressive left to use this as a rallying cry against Trump.

    Instead, they have used the LGBTQ community as well as extreme feminists. They are trying to strike fear into the LGBTQ saying conservatives hate you. Trump hates you. This is a lie.

    My example of this is the Transgender bathroom controversy. They painted Trump as some anti-transgender monster for making what under Obama was a federal law into a state’s law. Yet the extreme left never told the fact it was up to the states they only told you he took away federal protection.

    This issue is not as cut and dry as it sounds. We do not have enough research on this bathroom situation to have any federal protection. What happens if a pedophile decides he will claim he is a woman just so he can go into the women’s restroom. While in there he is endangering every woman who enter. Clearly, some questions need to be answered before anything at the federal level is done.

    Now the extreme left is using ignorance to support their extreme feminism narrative. Now believing in rights of women is wonderful but at this point feminism doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The leaders of the movements are all people who in the past have degraded women when it furthered their cause. Now that they need the support of women they attempt to make women feel like victims. Many fall for this trick and they have become radicalized to the point they can’t even be reasoned with. This is dangerous.

    They also have weirdly attempted to adopt Islam into their feminism circle even though Islam overseas is used to degrade women. Women are abused mentally and physically and are treated like animals. Women are forced to live in slave-like conditions every day. Modern day feminism is a drug that is meant to take the true beauty out of being a women. I’m not just talking about exterior beauty but the interior as well. It takes away everything that makes a women special. They cry victim in our country but care little about where the real atrocities to women can be found.

    Their final tactic is brillant use of the media. Their stranglehold on the media has gotten to where they have rotted even the best publications to its core. They pick and choose what facts to use and attempt to bully conservatives into submission. They have openly declared war on conservative values and are using these publications as ammunition.

    The extreme left is a wolf in sheeps clothing. They use words such as racist, sexist, homophobe, Nazi and Islamaphobe to stir up trouble among communities that those derogatory terms impact. George Soros has put Billions of dollars into funding these movements because him and the extreme left want riots. They realize that once these people choose to be victims they become controllable. They get to the point where they blindly trust the leaders they thought would help them and then turn their back on those groups as soon as they don’t need them anymore. The extreme left’s goal is to destroy love for our country, make you lose faith in humanity and put your faith in them. This is the danger we face in America today. This is the fight that we must win.

    I would like to end on this quote from one of our founders:

    “United we stand, divided we fall”

    -John Dickinson

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