House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes “alarmed” by new evidence

    House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes said at a news conference he found evidence of surveillance of Trump himself. He said the surveillance had nothing to do with Russia and it seemed like people were “unmasked” that shouldn’t have been. Although Nunes says it could’ve been through  “incidental collection” he doesn’t seem to even believe that.

    Nunes said he not only told Paul Ryan but he also traveled to The White House to tell Donald Trump. Trump’s response to the meeting is that he feels somewhat vindicated by the information.

    Nunes told CNN that he was alarmed by the new evidence he received and that it alarmed him so much he had to tell The President.

    Nunes also said that the shaky parts of this evidence has to do with the FISA court and if it was being used to spy on America citizens. Now he also mentioned this is within the law but from an ethical standard, this is clearly an infringement on the rights of Donald Trump. I have reported numerous time on this and we will continue to follow this story as it progresses.

    My article on GCHQ spying on Trump


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