STUDY! 75% of WEED from Madrid contains human feces

According to a new study from Spain, 75% of weed sold on the streets of Madrid contain human feces.


Feces in 75% of  cannabis  sold in Madrid: this is the discovery made by a Spanish pharmacologist. His study published in the journal Science Direct shows the presence of Escherichia coli bacteria in a large majority of Madrid cannabis . It represents a real danger for consumers . This is why Manuel Pérez Moreno wanted to highlight this public health problem. 

To arrive at this result, the pharmacologist analyzed 90 drug samplesthat he himself bought in the streets of the Spanish capital. In three-quarters of them, he found a large amount of escherichia coli, a bacterium related to the presence of fecal matter. 

According to the researcher, this contamination that can be dangerous for the health of consumers is due to the way in which cannabis is imported. Packed in pellets in plastic, it is transported by “mules” that swallow them or insert them into their settlers. Arrived in  Spain , these “carriers” expel them by the anus. 

In addition, the pharmacologist has also identified the presence of Aspergillus, a fungus that can be fatal if left untreated. 

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