Alex Jones Lawyer! Those who want Alex silenced scarier than him

Alex Jones lawyer, Norm Pattis called out those trying to silence Alex Jones claiming they are actually scarier than he is.

Hartford Courant:

Before I chose to represent Alex Jones, I ignored him. His views were too extreme for me. He wasn’t a figure I hated; he just didn’t matter. He was the town crier warning the end is neigh.

Now I defend him from you — you, who want him silenced — because you scare me more than he does.

There is no mob quite so terrifying as a self-righteous mob. Suppressing speech because it offends a majority of folks gives the power to censor speech. We’re close to banning speech simply because it is hateful. Even Mark Zuckerberg now wants new legislation to limit speech. We’ve gone from wanting information to be free to fearing the heterodox.

What motivates hate is fear. Alex Jones and his listeners are afraid of what this country is becoming. You are afraid of Alex Jones and his outlandish conspiracy theories. You’re more alike than you think.

Fight your differences out in the marketplace of ideas. But let’s not fall down the bottomless pit of censorship. Alex Jones is not psychotic, and neither, I suspect, are you, although some days I’m not so sure about either of you.

Norm is undoubtedly correct. Those trying to silence Jones are doing it simply because they disagree him with politically. The Mainstream Media just got done pushing one of the biggest political hoaxes in history and no one is calling them to be shut down.

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