Sources: McCabe claim that Trump talked about his wife is false

A report from Axios buries a huge revelation about Trump’s conversations surrounding McCabe’s wife.


Andrew McCabe says President Trump asked him: “What was it like when your wife lost? … So tell me, what was it like to lose?” McCabe — the former FBI deputy director who was fired Friday night, 26 hours short of being eligible for a full pension — says that in three or four interactions, President Trump was disparaging each time of his wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, a failed Virginia state Senate candidate in 2015. 

Here is where two sources claim it didn’t happen.

John Dowd, a Trump lawyer, told me: “I am told that the P never made that statement according to two others who were present.”

Now, I went back and found where Trump has referred to McCabe’s wife in the past. I found one Tweet.

Because of Trump’s lack of public attacks on McCabe’s wife it makes me question the claim. Trump on many occasions can’t help himself when he attacks publicly and I’m sure we would have seen more of the public attacks on his wife if it was true.

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