Report: White House considering the death penalty for certain drug traffickers “where appropriate under the law”

The Trump Administration is considering the death penalty for certain drug traffickers.

Fox News:

The White House announced Sunday that it intends to seek the death penalty for certain drug traffickers “where appropriate under the law” in a bid to slow down the country’s opioid epidemic.

The White House also said that President Trump would call on Congress to pass legislation lowering the amount of drugs that would invoke mandatory minimum sentences for traffickers.

Trump was expected to formally announce the plan on Monday during a visit to New Hampshire. He will be accompanied by first lady Melania Trump, who has shown an interest in the issue, particularly as it pertains to children.

Trump’s tough talk will likely work very well at stopping these drugs from moving throughout the country. Trump is 100 percent right to put blame on drug traffickers when you look at the serious drug problem in the US. The only issue I see is that this could see some semblance of backlash from the Rand Paul wing of the party. They will correctly point out that part of the drug problem in the country has nothing to do with drugs being trafficked in but rather has everything to do with doctors overprescribing opioids and people becoming addicted. They will also likely point out how the war on drugs has failed in the past.

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