Sources: Loretta Lynch ordered Manafort’s phone tapped during meeting with Veselnitskaya

According to a former campaign official, Loretta Lynch ordered for Paul Manaforts phone to be tapped during Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

After the initial report broke from the New York Times Conservatives quickly began to unravel the mainstream medias narrative.

According to The Hill, it was Obama’s own DOJ who allowed for Veselnitskaya to enter the United States:

The Russian lawyer who penetrated Donald Trump’s inner circle was initially cleared into the United States by the Justice Department under “extraordinary circumstances” before she embarked on a lobbying campaign last year that ensnared the president’s eldest son, members of Congress, journalists and State Department officials, according to court and Justice Department documents and interviews.

This revelation means it was the Obama Justice Department that enabled the newest and most intriguing figure in the Russia-Trump investigation to enter the country without a visa.Later, a series of events between an intermediary for the attorney and the Trump campaign ultimately led to the controversy surrounding Donald Trump Jr.

Just five days after meeting in June 2016 at Trump Tower with Trump Jr., Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Moscow attorney Natalia Veselnitskaya showed up in Washington in the front row of a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearingon Russia policy, video footage of the hearing shows.

She also engaged in a pro-Russia lobbying campaign and attended an event at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., where Russian supporters showed a movie that challenged the underpinnings of the U.S. human rights law known as the Magnitsky Act, which Russian President Vladimir Putin has reviled and tried to reverse.

The Daily Caller also points out further ties to the democratic party:

Radical left-wing icon former California Democratic Rep. Ron Dellums was a hired lobbyist for Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. June 9, 2016, the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group has learned.

Dellums, who represented liberal San Francisco and Oakland, Calif., is a long-time darling of left-wing political activists. He served 13 terms in Congress as an African-American firebrand and proudly called himself a socialist. He retired in 1996.

The former congressman is one of several high-profile Democratic partisans who was on Veselnitskaya’s payroll, working to defeat a law that is the hated object of a personal vendetta waged by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A national outcry has erupted in the establishment media about Trump Jr.’s meeting with Veselnitskaya. But there has been little focus on the Democrats who willingly served for years on her payroll helping to wage a Russian-led lobby campaign against the law. Congress passed the legislation, the Magnitsky Act, in response to the murder of Sergei Magnistky, a Russian lawyer who alleged corruption and human rights violations against numerous Russian officials.

According to a complaint filed to the Department of Justice Foreign Agents Registration Act division last July, Dellums failed to register as a foreign agent representing a Russian-driven effort led by Veselnitskaya to repeal the Magnitsky Act

That is not all. Yesterday news broke of a fifth person being in the meeting. That fifth person was a man by the name Rinat Akhmetshin. What the mainstream media won’t tell you about this guy is that he has ties to Fusion GPS:

From NewsWeek

While Veselnitskaya says she sought to discuss the sanctions while meeting the Trump campaign representatives, music promoter Rob Goldstone said Veselnitskaya had scandalous information on Hillary Clinton as part of the Russian government’s attempts to aid the Trump campaign. Trump Jr. told Goldstone: “If it’s what you say I love it, especially later in the summer.”

Akhmetshin has been working with Veselnitskaya on promoting an anti-Magnitsky propaganda documentary, which had a screening in Washington, D.C., just days after the meeting with the Trump campaign. He has lobbied in Washington for Russian businessmen and politicians for decades.

Browder filed a formal complaint to the Department of Justice in July 2016, accusing Akhmetshin of failing to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act while lobbying for Russian interests. Akhmetshin was also reportedly working with Fusion GPS, the company that created the infamous dossier alleging a Trump-Russia conspiracy.

Trump’s former campaign official added more fire to the story.

So here’s what we know.

According to an NSA contractor and a source within The White House, this meeting was used as a way to tap the phones of Paul Manafort and maybe others in the room. This bugging would have been illegal at the time due to the fact the meeting took place in June and the FISA warrant wasn’t issued until July.

Below are the names of those who were illegally unmasked:

The worst part of all this is the fact that we are yet to have heard testimony from Loretta Lynch and Susan Rice. Both of these women have been caught in scandal after scandal since Trump has been elected.

Loretta Lynch:

Report: Sensitive intelligence shows Loretta Lynch agreed to stop Hillary Clinton from being prosecutedReport: Sensitive intelligence shows Loretta Lynch agreed to stop Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted

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Susan Rice:

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Devin Nunes: “Obama admin abused power through unmasking”

UH OH: House intelligence committee issues three subpoenas for “unmasking”

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Breaking: Susan Rice’s lawyers are requesting immunity

The Susan Rice scandal will be bigger than Watergate

These are just a few of our articles showcasing how the Obama Administration colluded with our intelligence services to try and stop Trump from winning.

In a conversation, I had with James he claimed that Trump knows about the wiretapping of Manaforts phone. My research has stirred up, even more, evidence to back up James’ claim. On March 4th Trump accused Obama of wiretapping him. Many, including myself, thought this meant after he secured the Presidency.  He may have instead meant after he secured his nomination as the Republican candidate.

Tweets from Trump:


 Excerpt from The New York Times article that initially admitted to Trump tower being wiretapped:

American law enforcement and intelligence agencies are examining intercepted communications and financial transactions as part of a broad investigation into possible links between Russian officials and associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump, including his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, current and former senior American officials said.

The continuing counterintelligence investigation means that Mr. Trump will take the oath of office on Friday with his associates under investigation and after the intelligence agencies concluded that the Russian government had worked to help elect him. As president, Mr. Trump will oversee those agencies and have the authority to redirect or stop at least some of these efforts.

It is not clear whether the intercepted communications had anything to do with Mr. Trump’s campaign, or Mr. Trump himself. It is also unclear whether the inquiry has anything to do with an investigation into the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computers and other attempts to disrupt the elections in November. The American government has concluded that the Russian government was responsible for a broad computer hacking campaign, including the operation against the D.N.C.

So as you can see The New York Times own reporting backs up the claims made by James. They themselves admitted that Manafort was wiretapped and that likely happened once it became clear Trump was going to win the Republican nomination.

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