Devin Nunes: “Obama admin abused power through unmasking”

    In an interview with John Bachelor Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes let us know that a lot more information is set to come out about the Obama administration’s abuses of the intelligence communities during his tenure as President.

    Let’s breakdown a partial excerpt from the Daily Beast:

    “The subpoenas,” Nunes explained, “actually went to the NSA, the CIA, and the FBI, requesting specifically, of those three individuals that were named, the unmaskings they have done, that they did, from the time period of 2016, the entire year, leading up to Jan. 20 of this year.”

    This is referring to the Subpoenas issued by the intelligence committee for Susan Rice, John Brennan, and Samantha Power. Nune’s points out that the subpoenas aren’t for these people specifically but strictly the unmasking’s they did.

    “I can’t get into why we chose those individuals, but clearly this is just further escalation in the concern we have of the unmaskings of Americans by the senior leaders of the Obama administration. Americans that didn’t know about it, and, of course, potentially Trump transition officials.”

    Key phrase “Trump transition officials”

    “Every American is masked. The intelligence agencies are bound by law to mask all American citizens that get picked up in foreign collection. What has to happen, if you want to find out who the American is—there’s a process and procedure in place for that. It’s actually very uncommon in most cases, and seldom happens. But the concern I have had, that I expressed publicly, quite publicly, actually, a couple months ago, was that it became excessive. That Obama administration officials were unmasking people in the Trump transition, and it made me quite uncomfortable.”

    Nunes also mentioned that more members of the Obama administration may also be targets very soon.

    “So these individuals that we named are the ones we have particular interest in, but I can say that those are not the only ones we have interest in.”

    All of these quotes are bombshells on their own but Nunes wasn’t done yet.

    “But look, we want to work with the intelligence agencies. We didn’t want to have to subpoena, but the process was moving way too slowly. So we picked these three individuals whom we have a particular interest in, and hopefully they [the agencies] are expedient. That they have till next week to give us the unmaskings that these three individuals have done. I think they know now that we are serious.”

    The excerpt above shows the intelligence communities dragging their feet once again. They refuse to hand over the proper documents in an effort to protect the illegal activities of the Obama administration.

    “The big problem here is that the people that run these programs are protecting the United States, protecting U.S. citizens from terrorist attacks, from other adversaries that we have around the globe, and we have to protect American citizens from being picked up in these types of foreign intelligence collections. However, what clearly has happened here—at a minimum—I don’t know if it’s illegal, but it’s clearly an abuse of power, that senior Obama administration officials would unmask someone.”

    “But also, what is illegal—and I can’t say it was the Obama administration officials who did this—but we know that names were unmasked in intelligence products. And if you believe The Washington Post and The New York Times and NBC News, you know that names were unmasked, and intelligence was leaked, and Americans that were picked up in intelligence products were leaked out to the media.”

    I decided to keep my commentary to a minimum for this article. What Devin Nunes says in this interview is earth shattering. Nunes shows us that the investigation into the Obama administrations abuse of our intelligence agencies is gaining some serious ground. Not only do we see illegal unmasking but we see that illegal unmasking being tied directly to the Obama administration.

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