Seven wounded, including two British tourists in Paris knife attack


Seven were wounded, four seriously, after an Afghan male went on a knife rampage in the 19th district of Paris late Sunday evening.

The attacker, reported in French press to be a 31-year-old Afghan national male, started attacking passers-by outside a cinema around 11-pm local time on Sunday evening. Parisian district police launched an investigation and have reassured the public they do not believe there is a terrorist motive behind the mass-stabbing, regardless the counter-terrorism office is closely watching the investigation reports Le Monde.

Initially, people were attacked with an iron bar, but the assailant threw that at one of his victims and continued stabbing passers-by. Eyewitness reports say the first attack took place near an ongoing game of petanque, a popular French street game and that players threw the wooden or metal boules at the knifeman’s head to stop him.

Among the injured were two British tourists, who may have been the last to be stabbed before police arrived. It is reported they were stabbed in the head, legs, and upper chest. One other victim was an Egyptian national, and the remainder were French citizens.

The attacker was hospitalised due to head injuries, which may have been caused by up to five boules striking him.

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