RINO Nancy Mace Gets Primary Challenger

The RINOs in GOP are facing more backlash.

Pro-Trump conservative Katie Arrington has officially announced she is challenging RINO Rep. Nancy Mace.

From Breitbart:

Pro-Trump conservative Katie Arrington will on Tuesday formally launch a congressional bid in South Carolina’s first congressional district, she told Breitbart News exclusively on Monday evening. The race will pit Arrington against establishment GOP Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) — a major proxy battle for the future of the party in South Carolina’s low country.

“The South Carolina low country needs to be represented by a true, pro-Trump conservative representative who’s going to stand up,” Arrington said in a phone interview. “The current congresswoman turned her back on the low country. She turned her back on President Trump, and she has not done what we asked her to go up there and do. She’s more about branding herself and becoming a media personality than actually representing the priorities of the district, so we’re going at it to represent the priorities.”

Arrington was previously the GOP nominee for this congressional district in the 2018 midterm elections. With Trump’s support in the primary, she defeated then-Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC), the former governor of South Carolina who came back in a congressional special election only to then turn on now-former President Donald Trump. Trump endorsed Arrington on election day in the primary in South Carolina, and the brash conservative woman handily defeated Sanford.

But, just a short time after vanquishing the Never Trump congressman in that year’s primary, Arrington was a passenger involved in a deadly car crash. The driver of the other car was killed, and Arrington was relegated to the hospital and eventually a wheelchair for much of the rest of the campaign. The incident pulled her off the trail for months and seemingly allowed now-former Democrat Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) to slip past her and take the South Carolina seat — a Democrat win for the first time in decades. Mace then challenged Cunningham in 2020, defeating him and swinging the seat back to the GOP.

Here is the full announcement:

We previously reported on Mace being a RINO.

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