U.S economy likely to have ended last year with longest stretch of 3% or better growth since 05

A new analysis from Bloomberg pointed out that economic growth for Trump’s first year is the best its been since 2005.


The U.S. economy probably ended last year with the longest stretch of 3 percent-or-better growth since 2005. The $17 trillion question is, can it keep up this performance this late in the business cycle?

 Solid consumer spending, accelerating business investment and a housing rebound combined to drive fourth-quarter demand in the world’s largest economy. Gross domestic product expanded at a 3 percent annualized rate after 3.2 percent in the third quarter and 3.1 percent in the previous period, according to the Bloomberg survey median ahead of Commerce Department data due Friday.

This is obviously just a prediction but it seems Trump’s economy is always doing better than what the experts predict. If he does hit a 3.0 GDP for the year then he will have accomplished something in one year that Barack Obama never accomplished in his 8 years in Office.

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