Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Into Twitter Fight With RINO Rep–Delivers Bad News To Her

RINO Rep. Nancy Mace constantly takes shots at GOP reps.

She spends more time attacking Republicans than stopping Democrats from destroying the country.

She ran to CNN to attack Rep. Lauren Boebert over her comments about Ilhan Omar.

Mace responding by using typical leftist smears:

Then Marjorie Taylor Greene tweeted this.

She said she had just had a conversation with Trump about Mace.

Mace attacked Trump during a speech on the House floor but did not vote to impeach him.

She did vote to hold Steve Bannon in contempt.

Trump previously called on a Mace to be primaried.

From The State:

Former President Donald Trump said in a weekend statement that he wants challengers to primary Republicans who have not been completely loyal to him, including two South Carolina representatives seeking reelection next year.

In a statement Saturday, Trump named sixteen Republicans, including U.S. Rep. Nancy Mace of Daniel Island and Tom Rice of Myrtle Beach, who he wants to see out of office.

“Any interest from good and SMART America First Republican Patriots to run primary campaigns against Representatives Tom Rice, … (and) Nancy Mace” among others, Trump said in a statement that also named several other Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill. “You will have my backing!”

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