Report: Gary Cohn, Mick Mulvaney, and Mark Meadows being considered for new Cheif of Staff

According to a new report from ABC Donald Trump might be considering replacing Gen. Kelly as his Cheif of Staff.


President Donald Trump, furious over the handling of domestic abuse allegations involving one of his closest aides, has spoken to confidantes about the possibility of replacing embattled Chief of Staff John Kelly, sources close to the president tell ABC News.

One confidante — longtime friend and former executive chairman of his inaugural committee, Tom Barrack — was approached to gauge his interest in the chief of staff position, a source familiar with the matter told ABC News. Barrack said he won’t take the job, the source said.

Kelly has made clear to the president in the last 24 hours that he’s willing to resign in light of the president’s dissatisfaction over the West Wing’s handling of the allegations against former Staff Secretary Rob Porter, according to sources who have spoken with Trump and Kelly.

While Kelly’s fate is in question, sources familiar with the matter said they did not believe his departure is imminent. Kelly was seen working in the West Wing on Friday, leading his daily senior staff meeting and joining Trump in the Oval Office during an afternoon photo op.

“General Kelly has not offered his resignation to the President,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley said in a statement. When asked if Kelly has expressed interest in offering his resignation, Gidley said “Not to my knowledge, no.”

What hasn’t been reported much is who his replacement might be.

Several Trump confidantes reached by ABC News said the president is considering multiple names as possible Kelly replacements, among those, top economic adviser Gary Cohn, Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney and Rep. Mark Meadows.

Let’s break down these three choices.

Gary Cohn:

Gary Cohn is the most unpopular of these three names when it comes to Trump’s base. Gary Cohn often comes under fire from Breitbart and Info Wars and is considered a “globalist”. Gary Cohn is someone who I wouldn’t consider a Trump loyalist and I think it would be a huge mistake to move him to the important position of Cheif of Staff.

Mick Mulvaney and Mark Meadows:

These are both excellent picks. Although General Kelly has done a great job both of these picks will put Trump into full war mode. Both are members of The Freedom Caucus and support a strong Conservative Agenda. With either of these men in The White House Gen. Kelly’s blocking of Conservative media outlets will be lifted. With Trump back getting fed information directly from his voters he won’t be able to contain himself and campaign Trump will be back.

Gen. Kelly has done a great job since taking over and I’d like to see him stay. Since he took over Trump has skyrocketed in the eyes of the American people and his White House is far less chaotic. This doesn’t mean however that bringing in a bomb thrower like either member of the Freedom Caucus won’t help. Trump is doing a ton of great things but he is still yet to tackle important parts of his agenda. Immigration Reform must be a non-negotiable and Obamacare is still not fully repealed. We also have seen Trump fail to give us a budget that we should be excited over. Trump can’t fall into the trap that so many Conservative Presidents do. They get a few wins and then ride those wins. Tax Cuts needs to be followed up by spending cuts. Spending cuts need to be followed up by continued deregulation. The media makes Conservatives out to be the worst people in the world. No matter what Republicans do the media will attack them. Trying not to touch these issues only hurts the country and your voting base.

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