Rep. Adam Schiff purposely added sources and methods to Dem memo to set up Trump

Multiple sources have spoken out on the fact that Dem Rep. Adam Schiff purposely added sources and methods to the Democratic Memo to force Trump’s hand in redacting it.

From White House aide Marc Short:

“We believe Congressman Schiff intentionally put in there methods and sources that he knew would need to be redacted. And if we redacted it, there would be an outcry that says the White House is trying to edit it,” Short said. “So, we said take it back, work with the FBI, clean it up and we’ll release it.”

John Roberts of Fox report on it.

And of course President Donald Trump

Now, the left will continue to deny this but it has become increasingly obvious it was set up. The Democrats didn’t back the release of the Republican’s memo due to the fact they claimed it contained “sources and methods” that were classified. Well, the memo was released and it contained neither of those. Yet, the Democratic memo (which Republicans voted to release) is the only memo containing information that needs redactions.

I am for full transparency as it pertains to finding out what happened in this FISA process but it is clear that the Democrats are just playing games. If the Democrats believed their memo was all they are claiming it is they would’ve voted for the release of the Republican memo and let the facts win out. Clearly, they decided to play partisan politics with issues of National Security instead.

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