Report: Deep State leaks “harshest assessments of Trump” after North Korea meetings

A new report from Axios gave us some powerful insight on the actions of the Deep State as it pertains to North Korea.


Trump seems most interested in discussing military options on North Korea in these meetings. He is surrounded by advisers who share his concern about the rogue state, but not his fixation on a military strike.
  • And some top officials have told us Trump’s belligerent rhetoric on the subject makes them nervous.
  • There is a reason the harshest assessments of Trump usually leak after North Korea meetings.

Now, this still leaves us with a lot of questions. Are these leaks an attempt to get public opinion to sway Donald Trump? Or are these leaks a much bigger deal? Are these leaks designed to help in their push to impeach them? I agree with Trump on being aggressive with North Korea. With that being said I also can see why there is great worry in taking military action in North Korea. If the leaks are simply to sway his opinion on this issue than that is one thing. However, if these leaks are a push to help and get support for impeachment then they are very dangerous.

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