Source: Donald Trump “true believer” in his wall

According to sources close to the President, he is a firm believer in his wall.


Trump still wants his wall, and tighter restrictions on legal immigration. He’s a true believer on this stuff, and knows intuitively that it keeps his base stoked.

This is important for two reasons. The first that it shows he is still planning on fighting for his Wall. The Wall will likely be one of the hardest parts of his agenda to push through due to the Democrats hatred for any semblance of immigration reform. They love changing the voting demographics of the country so they always oppose these reforms. The second thing this shows is that the Wall was more than just a campaign promise. Many people like to cast doubt on his intentions when he mentioned the Wall. They thought it was somehow based in racism. They thought it was something to get deplorable voters to vote for him. Neither are true. The bottom line is that Donald Trump wants the Wall because he believes in the Wall.





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