Report: American Taxpayers pay around 90% of Afghanistan’s defense budget

U.S. Soldiers depart Forward Operating Base Baylough, Afghanistan, June 16, 2010, to conduct a patrol. The Soldiers are from 1st Platoon, Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry Regiment. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. William Tremblay, U.S. Army/Released)

In a new report from RT, the percentage of the Afghani military the American Tax Payers pay for is revealed.


Without American assistance, Kabul can’t fight the many militant groups active in the country after 16 years of US involvement. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani says the national army won’t last longer than six months on its own.

American taxpayers, who contribute around 90 percent of Afghanistan’s defense budget, are bankrolling a war against terrorists in the county, which the government would not be able to continue without the US funding, Ghani told CBS News on Sunday.

Here is what Ghani said

“We will not be able to support our army for six months without US support and US capabilities… Because we don’t have the money,” Ghani said.

Saying that at least “21 international terrorist groups” are operating in his country, Ghani warned that “terrorists can strike at any time.”

“Dozens of suicide bombers are being sent. There are factories producing suicide bombers. We are under siege,” Ghani told the ‘60 Minutes’ program.

This gives us insight into a few things. The first thing this shows us is just how much the American taxpayer is paying for this war. They are paying for nearly 90% of the war against the Taliban and its no wonder so many Americans want to get the soldiers back home.

The next insight is why Trump hasn’t pulled out. Trump promised he would bring our troops home during the campaign. Instead of that, he has moved more troops to Afghanistan. He has taken heat from many for this but Ghani says they can’t support themselves. Trump obviously is looking at what happened in Iraq, Libya, and Syria and not willing to have that on his legacy.

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