NO GO ZONES: Paris Metro drivers refuse to stop at certain stations

Paris Metro drivers are now refusing to stop at certain Metro Stations because of the attacks on travelers and Metro employers.

Voice of Europe:

Last weekend we already told you about the downfall of Paris in an article that went viral. In the meantime there are new developments in France’s capital.

The number of attacks on travellers and RATP staff is becoming increasingly dramatic

Because of increased violence of drug addicts and dealers, some metro drivers don’t stop at certain stations in the north east of Paris anymore. According to the metro drivers crack dealers use the metro stations of the French capital as locations to do their business.

In an attempt to protect their passengers, drivers of metro lines 12 and 4 are avoiding stations like “Marx Dormoy” and “Marcadet-Poissonniers”.

A representative, of the UNSA union of metro drivers, said that for the past few months the violence associated with the drug dealing “has been ramping up in the north east of the city”.

Jean Marc Judith of the company that runs the metro and bus network in Paris said:

“Between the brawls that occur on the platforms, which sometimes end up happening on the train or across the tracks, you could hit someone, or crush them.”

He added that “the number of attacks on travellers and RATP staff is becoming increasingly dramatic”

The metro drivers’ union warns people for travelling in the named areas. A meeting about the security in the Paris metro is planned on 19 January.

Paris is contiuing its decline into lawlessness. Their is no evidence tying this to migrants but I doubt mass migration has nothing to do with this. Crime breeds crime and this is just another case of this.

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