Report: 300% more immigrants came to U.S under diversity visa program than were promised

A new stunning report from the Center for Immigration Studies sheds new light on some major issues with the “Diversity Visa” program

The Washington Examiner:

The number of immigrants let into the U.S. under the “diversity visa” program pushed by Sen. Chuck Schumer and blamed in last week’s New York City terror attack is expected to reach nearly 5 million, more than 300 percent higher than promised, according to a new report.

While some 1.1 million since 1994 have or are slated to receive the visa in a lottery at a rate of about 50,000 a year, a loophole in the system allows them to bring in family members and that “chain migration” average is 3.45 additional immigrants per lottery winner, said the Center for Immigration Studies.

As a result, another 3,803,187 have or are expected to arrive, bringing the total let in under the special visa to 4.9 million.

“When accounting for chain migration, the visa lottery may have brought in more than 3.8 million people in total since 1994. Despite its supporters’ assurances that the visa lottery is responsible for only 50,000 immigrants in any given year, chain migration means that the program actually accounts for perhaps 165,000 new immigrants per year because of earlier lottery winners sponsoring their relatives,” said the report.

Isn’t this stunning? Although this was signed into law by Republicans this has been protected recently by Democrats.

Basically what this report shows us is a gaping hole in our immigration system. No this isn’t the biggest hole we have but it certainly is one that needs fixing. This system allowed immigrants to be picked at random from countries around the world and then allowed them to bring others over with them once they were here. The argument claiming that they should have the ability to live with their family here is nonsense. We barely know who these people are let alone the family members they decide to bring with them.

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