Liberal pundit Krystal Ball says people don’t know what Democratic Canadite Ralph Northam stands for

    In a recent segment on MSNBC Liberal Pundit, Krystal Ball dropped a bomb on Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam.

    Here are some quotes from her interview:

    “The Democrats, you know the problem with Ralph Northam isn’t that that he is racist or that he doesn’t know where he stands on sanctuary cities; it’s that people don’t know where he stands on anything,” 

    “He has tried to reinvent himself for this moment, and it has led to tremendous lack of enthusiasm,” Ball went on “So, yeah, the Gillespie playbook has really worked in this case, and I just hope that we can hold on.”

    The left seems to see the writing on the wall with this race. They realize their message is one that people are tired of and that any realistic poll has Northam in trouble. As Northam backtracks, Ed continues to push his message and it is beginning to resonate with voters.



    Poll: Ed Gillespie up 3 points in Virgina Race

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