Poll: Ed Gillespie up 3 points in Virgina Race

    According to a new Poll from the Republican Polling firm, Optimus/Firehouse Strategies Ed Gillespie is up 3 points in Virgina Poll.

    The Hill:

    Republican Ed Gillespie is now narrowly leading the Virginia gubernatorial race by three points, according to a new poll, just three days before Tuesday’s election. 

    The new Optimus/Firehouse Strategies poll of likely Virginia voters over Wednesday and Thursday shows Gillespie leading his Democratic opponent Ralph Northam by 40.4 percent to 37.4 percent. His lead is just outside the poll’s margin of error.

    Recent polls have suggested a late-game comeback for Gillespie, who trailed Northam by a small percentage for recent months of the race, with a Friday poll showing the two locked in a dead heat at 47 percent apiece. 

    This is another great sign for Ed. He already saw his donations triple after his opponent Ralph Northam ran a race-baiting Ad. My gut tells me, Ed, is up even more than this Poll lets off but to this point, we don’t have evidence to support that.

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