Remember 9/11 With The Hero Known As ‘The Man In The Red Bandana’

    Daily Caller logoMonday marks the 16-year anniversary of the deadly September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, and “The Man in the Red Bandana” is one of the greatest stories from that day.

    Welles Crowther was an equity broker in the World Trade Center’s south tower, and he became a hero after he sacrificed his own life to lead dozens of people to safety.

    He used a red bandana given to him as a child by his parents to garner people’s attention and lead them to safety. Instead of fleeing to safety he continued to go back into the tower to save more lives. For a period of time his identity was simply known by the survivors he saved as “The man in the Red Bandana.”

    His identity was later confirmed when survivors identified him to his parents.


    It’s hard to watch the story of “The Man in the Red Bandana” and not get emotional. Just an ordinary guy who laid his life down so that people he didn’t know could live. That’s what America is all about. A group of terrorists might have killed thousands, but even in our darkest moments, Americans still find a way to come together.

    “The Man in the Red Bandana” serves as an example of selflessness for people everywhere.

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