NYT: “Trump does not feel beholden to his party”

    The New York Time’s White House Cheif Correspondent Peter Baker wrote a piece for The New York Time’s titled “Bound to No Party, Trump Upends 150 Years of Two-Party Rule”.

    This is no shock to any Trump voter. We have known this since he began his Presidental campaign. We knew he hated the establishment Republicans and they hated him. The reactions by leftists from this piece was anger. They brought out everything they could to try and prove Peter wrong. They failed. It was well written and well researched but there were seven words that stood out more than any other words in his article.

    “Trump does not feel beholden to his party”

    These seven words showcase what the Trump movement is all about. It isn’t about party, it’s about country. It isn’t about what the establishment thinks, it’s about what the forgotten Americans think. I read this article with a smile on my face because I realized that our President is working for us and there is nothing the establishment can do about it.

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