Pope: “The Holy See has no intention of interfering in decisions that fall to states”

During a speech Monday the Pope clarified that he realizes the Vatican has no business telling states how to run themselves.


The Holy See has no intention of interfering in decisions that fall to states, which, in the light of their respective political, social and economic situations, and their capacities and possibilities for receiving and integrating, have the primary responsibility for accepting newcomers.  Nonetheless, the Holy See does consider it its role to appeal to the principles of humanity and fraternity at the basis of every cohesive and harmonious society.  In this regard, its interaction with religious communities, on the level of institutions and associations, should not be forgotten, since these can play a valuable supportive role in assisting and protecting, in social and cultural mediation, and in pacification and integration.

This is great from the Pope. I have criticized his attacks on Nationalism in America but it is nice to see him finally coming out and telling the world he recognizes his role.

He also touched on them assimilating into society.

Those who welcome are called to promote integral human development, while those who are welcomed must necessarily conform to the rules of the country offering them hospitality, with respect for its identity and values.  Processes of integration must always keep the protection and advancement of persons, especially those in situations of vulnerability, at the centre of the rules governing various aspects of political and social life.

Pope Francis is calling for refugees to assimilate into the society they are entering. The Pope is 100 percent correct with this as well. One of the major issues facing the migrant crisis is the fact that these migrants don’t assimilate where they go. They act in Europe how they would act in The Middle East and its safe to say the societies don’t mix.


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