Poll: Only 27% Of US Parents Say They’ll Vaccinate Their Kids

The propaganda continues isn’t working.

Only 27% of US parents are going to vaccinate their kids aged 5-11.

From Insider Paper:

According to a new poll, only 27% of parents in the United States said they will vaccinate their children aged five to eleven years against Covid-19 “right away” if a vaccine is approved for this age group.

The Kaiser Family Foundation polled 1,519 adults in a nationally representative random digit dial telephone sample from October 14 to 24.

According to Xinhua news agency, a third of parents said they will “wait and see” how the vaccine works before having their 5-11 year olds vaccinated, while 30% said they “definitely will not” get their younger children immunised.

The main concerns of parents are the vaccine’s unknown long-term effects and serious side effects, with two-thirds concerned that the vaccine will affect their children’s fertility in the future.

Of course, the scientists at the FDA seemingly don’t care about the safety of the kids.

They are going forward with pushing the vax on kids.

One brave member spoke out:

From Epoch Times:

The only Food and Drug Administration vaccine advisory panel member to abstain from a major vote this week that essentially authorized Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children as young as 5 said he did so because of limited safety and efficacy data.

All 17 others voted to advise the administration, or the FDA, to authorize the jab for children between the ages of 5 and 11. The agency already supported doing so and is expected to formalize the authorization soon. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would then decide which children should get the shot.

The vote was preceded by nearly eight hours of discussions and presentations, with multiple members expressing concern about the scant data on how the vaccine will affect the age group.

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