Dems Pull Phony Stunt In Virginia?

Democrats are getting nervous in Virginia.

Polling has the race a toss-up in Virginia.

One poll even has Youngkin up 8.

Dems Get More Bad News In Virginia–New Poll Finds Glenn Youngkin Up 8 Points

Now, we have this.

Out of nowhere a group of 5 five men took a photo in front of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus.

They had tiki torches and white shirts because that is what was worn at the Charlottesville March in 2017.

This seemed so obvious that it had to be phony.

Evidence is beginning to pile up that it was.

From Townhall:

Do we know for an ironclad fact that these people are Democratic activists and supporters pulling a ham-fisted, glaringly obvious dirty trick attempt to smear Glenn Youngkin? Not yet. But I’d bet a hefty sum of money that’s what’s happening here. They’re dressed identically. They’re carrying tiki torches — a la Charlottesville — in the rain. The torches look like they were just purchased at the dollar store. And one of the “white nationalists” crashing a Youngkin event to “support him” is, um, a black guy. Not subtle, gang:



Dem Strategist Adam Parkhomenko claimed it is a lie but seemingly didn’t debunk any of the claims made:



Memes are flying now:




This is breaking we will update this article as we learn more…

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