Planned Parenthood will proudly stand behind the Women’s March, despite recent antisemitic controversy

According to Refinery 29, Planned Parenthood will continue to stand with the Women’s March organization, despite the recent discovery of anti-Semitic rhetoric being expressed among the top members/ organizers of the Women’s March. 

From Refinery 29:

Planned Parenthood is sticking with the national Women’s March organization as the embattled activist group that sprung to life in the wake of President Donald Trump’s 2016 election marches into its third year of organizing efforts. The Women’s March has been embroiled in controversy for months over accusations of anti-Semitism. This week it came to a head after a detailed investigative report alleged anti-Semitic statements among some of its co-founders and allegations of financial mismanagement.

According to Tablet Magazine, siting the alleged Antisemitism/ anti-jewish conspiracy theories discussed by the leaders of the Women’s March:

According to several sources, it was there—in the first hours of the first meeting for what would become the Women’s March—that something happened that was so shameful to many of those who witnessed it, they chose to bury it like a family secret. Almost two years would pass before anyone present would speak about it.

It was there that, as the women were opening up about their backgrounds and personal investments in creating a resistance movement to Trump, Perez and Mallory allegedly first asserted that Jewish people bore a special collective responsibility as exploiters of black and brown people—and even, according to a close secondhand source, claimed that Jews were proven to have been leaders of the American slave trade. These are canards popularized by The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, a book published by Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam—“the bible of the new anti-Semitism,” according to Henry Louis Gates Jr., who noted in 1992: “Among significant sectors of the black community, this brief has become a credo of a new philosophy of black self-affirmation.”

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