Pence Set To Give First Public Speech Since Leaving Office

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Here we go.

Mike Pence is set to give his first public speech since leaving office.

From Big League Politics:

Former Vice President Mike Pence is planning on making his first public speech since leaving office in late April. The Associated Press reported that Pence is planning on delivering a speech to a private audience for the Palmetto Family Council, a Christian organization in South Carolina.

The speech could be considered the strongest indicator that the former Vice President is considering a 2024 presidential campaign, and is eyeing Christian conservatives as a springboard in a primary campaign. South Carolina is slated to continue its role as one of the first to vote in the 2024 primary, although it’s unclear what order it’ll vote in.

Pence is expected to speak to 400 to 650 people at Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on April 29. He’ll emphasize policy accomplishments of the Trump administration, potentially highlighting himself as an alternative to Republican voters who want a “polite” 2024 candidate.

It is unclear what this speech will be.

AP claims Pence is going to try and make the case he is an alternative to Trump in 2024. This is not confirmed.

To this point, reports have shown that the relationship between Trump and Pence has been fixed and they are on a good footing.

Pence Speaking Favorably Of Trump…They Maintain Close Friendship

Trump adviser Jason Miller said Trump was not considering replacing Pence on the ticket:

Trump Adviser Claims Trump Isn’t Considering Removing Pence From 2024 Ticket

If Pence does in any way attack Trump it will likely sink his 2024 hopes. For Pence to get the nod he would need Trump not to run and then have Trump endorse him.

We will follow up on this story once the speech is given.

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