Pollster: COVID Relief Could Be Last Big Win Of Biden Presidency

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According to pollster John Zogby, COVID relief could be the last big win of the Biden presidency.

From The Washington Examiner:

But it blew the whistle on fake promise of unity and the increased partisanship on Capitol Hill could stymie whatever he plans next.

In his weekly podcast, Democratic pollster and the Secrets Biden Report Card contributor John Zogby put it this way: “The president gave a speech, signed a major piece of legislation, arguably according to most pundits, this may be both the biggest and the last big victory of his presidency.”

Conservative Report Card contributor Jed Babbin highlighted the trouble at the border, excessive spending the COVID bill and Biden’s refusal to hold a press conference arguing that the week “crashed and burned.”

Should COVID relief even be considered a win for Biden?

-He promised the American people $2,000 in relief but only delivered $1,400

-He did not deliver the $15 minimum wage, which the far-left was demanding

-He did not get a single Republican to support this relief bill

What this pollster should really be saying is Biden is on pace to have no major wins throughout his time in office.

What a mess.

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