Palmieri: “Only MAGA trendies are burning MAGA hats”

Many of Trump’s base has fallen for the Fake Democrat/Mainstream Media’s narrative that Trump has turned his back on his base. I blame mostly the Pro-Trump media for this. They have allowed themselves to fall for this and have legitimized that Narrative to his base. We fell for the narrative early on but we quickly realized it was ridiculous.

This narrative has led a lot of anger from Trump’s base. This has included MAGA hat burning.

Esquire: Trump supporters are burning their Maga hats

MSNBC: Trump voters tell MSNBC why they burned MAGA hats

Breitbart: Trump Voters Throw MAGA Hats into Twitter Bonfire

This is absolute nonsense as we pointed out on Twitter:

Anyone who is burning a MAGA hat is nothing more than a mega trendy. They are fair weather supporters who turn their back on the movement when times get tough. Trump hasn’t  broken a single major campaign promise yet and is continuing to push his America first agenda. He has never caved on the building of his wall and has stood up for his base every time. Charlottesville he never caved to the narrative of the media and called out both sides. He continues to blast the leftist American culture that has already destroyed Europe. Trump isn’t going to turn his back on his voters because he is in the fight of his life. Trump is surrounded on all sides, we must stand firmly behind him so he doesn’t get overrun.

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