The Palmieri Report apologlizes to President Trump

Yesterday was a tough day for Trump’s base. After the Fake News media and Democrats pushed their false narrative it sparked a lot of anger from Trump’s base. Ann Coulter called for his impeachment, leftist websites claimed Trump has given up on his wall and some supporters began burning his MAGA hats. I also fell for this narrative. I went on a twitter rant all morning even tweeting out this beauty.

This was just one of many tweets I sent.  Now, do I regret these tweets? No. If Trump signed an executive order with no border funding on DACA then it would be a base betrayal. What I am apologizing for is the fact I didn’t wait to hear the full story from Trump. His tweet about dreamers:


set me off. I looked at this as a direct smack in the face to all of his loyal supporters.

AWFUL: Trump backstabs base over twitter “Does anybody really want to throw out” Dreamers

All of this turned out to be false. I still don’t like the tweet but Trump has done nothing to turn his back on his base. He never said he was done with the Wall. He never said he was handing over Amnesty to these dreamers.

The bottom line is that we must stand strong behind Trump. The corrupt establishment is doing everything they can to nullify the 2016 and take out Trump. The GOP is doing nothing but obstructing the will of the people. The Democrats are doing nothing but trying to change our Democracy forever. Trump is in the middle of the swamp and is alone on an island. We must hold Trump accountable but that doesn’t mean turning our back on him. 2018 will be our next chance to give him help and all of our energy needs to be focused on securing that.

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