The New York Times claimed that George Soros working against Donald Trump is a conspiracy theory in an rticle yesterday.


She has also drawn criticism for sharing social media posts promoting conspiracy theories, including one suggesting that the billionaire philanthropist George Soros was working against Mr. Trump and that Democrats had committed voter fraud during last year’s midterm elections. Shortly before the elections, Ms. Thomas also shared a misleading post about the caravan of migrants traveling toward the United States.

Them claiming no Voter Fraud is also nonsense however nowhere near the nonsense claim that George Soros is against Donald Trump. 

An article from CNBC pointed out that Soros spend $15 Million in just 2018 in Democratic causes:

He has contributed $15 million to Democratic causes this year, including a $5 million donation to Priorities USA Action, a super PAC that backed Obama and Clinton when they each ran for president.

The New York Times is beyond a joke at this point. 



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