Fire Department Discriminating Against White Male Candidates – Whistleblower


A UK fire department is actively discriminating against white male candidates in an effort to hire more females and minorities, according to a whistleblower.

White males hoping to join the West Midlands Fire Service are required to score at least 70 percent on a verbal and numerical reasoning test in order to advance to the next round, while minorities and women can qualify with a 60 percent grade, the Daily Mail reports.

A leaked memo provided to the Mail indicates the department, one of the largest in Britain, hopes that by 2021, women will constitute 60 percent of new recruits, and blacks and other minorities 35 percent.

The source claims the recruitment program costs roughly $130,000 per year, with some $3,300 going monthly to Facebook ads specifically targeting women.

“This directly discriminates against white men,” the source said. “Not only are they discriminating against large parts of my community, but they are also using huge amounts of public money to do so.”

“It’s not fair on the members of the community who rightly expect the best people for the job will be selected to serve on the front line. It’s difficult to swallow knowing people have not been able to achieve their dream careers because they are too white or too male.

When asked for comment, a spokesman for West Midlands Fire Service seemed to indicate the policies may very well be in effect.

“The approaches we take for recruitment and selection are carefully considered to ensure that they are appropriate, balanced and, above all, legal,” the spokesman told the Mail. “West Midlands Fire Service is committed to having a workforce which reflects the diversity of the population of all our communities, and one that is welcoming to all.”

“We are working hard to break down barriers faced by people who could bring so much to our service and to their community.”


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