AG Whitaker says Mueller probe is close to being completed

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker said that the Mueller Probe is close to being completed.

We have heard this a lot from those in the Trump Administration so it is important to take this with a grain of salt. Former WH lawyer John Dowd reportedly claimed the Mueller Probe was ending soon as a way to calm down Donald Trump from attacking the Mueller Probe.

However, if this is true then it basically debunks the entire collusion narrative. The left claimed that Mueller was slowly building a case regarding collusion but it failed to reach anywhere near Trump’s inner circle. Mueller is yet to provide any evidence of even slight collusion which you would expect to have come out if the Probe was ending.

With all of that being said that doesn’t mean that Mueller Report won’t be a cause of worry for Trump. The left and Mainstream Media have put all of there eggs in the collusion basket and need to spin the Mueller report to help there cause. The report will show no collusion but that won’t stop them from claiming they still need to do more investigating.

Remember the initial claim made by the left and Mainstream Media:

Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to hack the election by getting the DNC emails and they also claimed that maybe they even orchestrated the hack of voting systems.

We can now fast forward to the claim they are now making:

People on the fringe of Trump’s campaign may have had knowledge of what Wiki Leaks had before they were released.

They are moving the goal posts, don’t let them get away with it.


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