Narrative Fail: Trump administration will continue to count CO2 emissions

The environmentalist left has claimed the Trump Administration is looking to whitewash the statistics as it pertains to CO2 emissions. That Narrative couldn’t be more wrong.

The Washington Examiner: 

The Trump administration will begin collecting greenhouse gas emissions data for 2018 early next month, as coal-fired power plants that are keeping the heaters humming during the deep freeze likely will mean an increase in this year’s carbon dioxide output.

The Environmental Protection Agency houses the greenhouse gas reporting program, which collects data from power plants and all other major emitters of carbon dioxide.


The EPA finalized rules in 2009 that require the mandatory reporting of greenhouse gases from power plants, refineries, and other sources that emit 25,000 metric tons, or more, of carbon dioxide per year in the U.S.

However, it has not been clear if the pressure would be on this year to keep the data coming, especially with the administration seeking to repeal climate regulations and presidential and Republican budgets targeting the program for cuts.

Nevertheless, an EPA official confirmed the agency’s plans to begin collecting the data beginning near the end of February, with a hard deadline for all data to be submitted by March 31.

No matter where you stand with Climate Change everyone should applaud this move because it won’t be dealing with hysteria it will simply lay out the facts.

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