NARRATIVE FAIL: US had biggest decline in CO2 emissions in the world last year

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According to the BP Statistical Review of World, the US had the biggest decline in CO2 emissions in the world last year. Chart of the Day: Last year the United States had the largest decline in CO2 emissions *in the entire world* for the 9th time this century. @AEIdeas @Mark_J_Perry — AEI (@AEI) […]


Narrative Fail: Trump administration will continue to count CO2 emissions

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The environmentalist left has claimed the Trump Administration is looking to whitewash the statistics as it pertains to CO2 emissions. That Narrative couldn’t be more wrong. The Washington Examiner:  The Trump administration will begin collecting greenhouse gas emissions data for 2018 early next month, as coal-fired power plants that are keeping the heaters humming during […]

Bureaucrats Annoyed US Emissions Levels Are Plummeting Despite Leaving Paris Deal

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Diplomats are confused and irritated that the U.S. has made more ground reducing emission levels than Canada, despite President Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris agreement. “It’s a bit of a paradox, here,” Angel Gurria, secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), told reporters Wednesday. The U.S. is pummeling Canada on the issue, […]