Looks Like The Deep State Might Have Been Caught Trying To Set-Up Trump Again

The Russia-collusion hoax exposed just how corrupt the Deep State is.

It wasn’t just that they launched a phony investigation into Trump.

They directly tried to set up Trump and his associates.

They tried to get them to commit a crime.

They also used leaks to the press as a way to create the illusion of criminal activity.

Here are a few examples:

The first example is how they got the media to cover the now-debunked Steele Dossier.

The mainstream press wouldn’t cover it because it couldn’t be confirmed. They were looking for a “news hook.”

So, Comey decided to brief Trump on the dossier.

This made it a news story.

We then have the biggest part of the Russian collusion hoax.

This is the main thing still used to claim evidence of collusion.

However, we now know that it was one big setup.

Russian Lawyer Memo offered to Trump Jr. was written by Fusion GPS

FOX: Fusion GPS official met with Russian operative before and after Trump Jr. sit-down

Report: Democratic operative set up meeting between “Kremlin Linked” lawyer and Trump team before election

Report: Russian Lobbyist at Trump Tower meeting has personal relationship with Hillary

All of this evidence exposes the Deep State’s playbook.

They aren’t just interested in phony investigations.

They are also interested in framing their enemies.

We now have evidence that the framing happened again–this time in regards to January 6th.

This comes from two bombshell reports from The Gateway Pundit.

Make sure to read both of their reports below:

Part 3:

PART 3: WE CAUGHT THEM: Deep State Operative Don Berlin Presented Bogus Election Dossier to President Trump Before 1-6, Now Jan 6 Committee is Using This to Claim Insurrection and Take Down President Trump

Part 4:

PART 4: – It Was a Set-Up: As Soon as Jan 6 Committee Obtained Deep State Operative Don Berlin’s Bogus Election Dossier Claims, They Were Leaked to the Mainstream Media to Claim ‘Trump Insurrection’

Here is a quick synopsis of the above reports:

On the days leading up to Jan 6th Trump was given a phony dossier regarding the 2020 election. This same dossier is now being cited as evidence that Trump wanted an insurrection.

It was then all leaked to the press.

Make sure to read both bombshell reports from The Gateway Pundit. 

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