Report: Russian Lobbyist at Trump Tower meeting has personal relationship with Hillary

A Washington Lobbyist that was born in Russia and attended the Trump Tower meeting admitted to ties with Hillary Clinton in a testimony with the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Q. Do you know Secretary Clinton?

A. I do know her, yes.

Q. You know Hillary Clinton? What’s the… how do you know her?

A. Personal.

Q. How long have you known her?

A. Probably I met her first like in late ’90s .

Q. Was that through Ed Lieberman?

A. Through his wife.

Q. And how would you describe your relationship with her now?

A. Nonexistent. Last time I saw her, at the funeral of Evelyn Lieberman.

Later, Akhmetshin says he “knew” some of the people who worked on Clinton’s 2016 campaign:

MR. AKHMETSHIN: I was not involved in her presidential campaign.

Q. Well, regardless of whether you were involved, did you ever have any meetings?

A. I knew her, I knew some people who worked on her campaign.

Q. So you did have meetings with her and did you have meetings with Hillary Clinton?

A. I met her in social setting, not on a professional line.

Q. Not in a campaign —

A. Not in campaign capacity, no, never.

He also said he might have been traveling with an attorney with ties to Hillary Clinton the day of the meeting.

A. I have taken morning Acela train to New York on June 9th.

Q. On June 9th? Did you travel with anyone?

A. I might have been there with Lieberman or I might be traveling alone.

He also admitted to maybe telling Lieberman about the meeting

Q. And you thought it was okay to tell the journalists about something you found amusing, but you didn’t think to discuss this with Ed Lieberman? You thought you needed to maintain that discretion?

A. At some point I might have mentioned it to him, but not like right away.

Q. Not at the dinner?

A. Not at dinner, not even like — I do not remember. At some point I might have. He also serves as a legal counsel to me so — on a number of issues. So, you know, I’m almost certain at some point he knew about it, but not immediately.

Q. Do you recall when you might have brought it up to him?

A. I don’t remember.

Russian Lawyer Memo offered to Trump Jr. was written by Fusion GPS

Source: Clinton camp gave talking points to Russian Lawyer for Trump Jr. meeting through Fusion GPS

FOX: Fusion GPS official met with Russian operative before and after Trump Jr. sit-down

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